En 2006 en que comensaron este proyecto  ‘ Esperanza’ , nunca pensaron que conseguirian exito a este punto. En ese momento era apenas un proyecto idealista continuado por los amantes de la música jovenes. Durante ese tiempo, tuvieron  el placer de trabajar y familiarizarse con mucha gente que les ayudó a mejorar su sonido y porción de ellos ahora está una parte fundamental de su ser como  artista.

Durante este tiempo, han tenido el placer de trabajar y familiarizarse con mucha gente que los ayudó a mejorar nuestro sonido y porción de ellos ahora está una parte fundamental de su vida como artista. Durante este año, después de esta trayectoria corta pero intensa, esperan demostrar a través de los lanzamientos próximos su visión humilde de la música de la sala de baile hoy en día. Aunque es difícilmente  poner eso en palabras, un equilibrio entre el vibe y la actitud de la música oldschool, combinados con la calidad de sonido y la atención al detalle del ‘ laptop’. Hoy en día, creen que la música está pasando con un gran momento donde están desapareciendo los límites y pueden librarse del no podemos!


Cuenta con un booking de influyentes artistas ellos son:







Uno de sus ultimos lanzamientos:

Down, Then There / Dub106

Artist: VA
Title: Down, Then There / Dub106
Label: Esperanza
Style: Deep House/Minimal
Date: 07-01-2010
Quality: 320kbps
Size: ~37.76 Mb

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Kasper & Papol are two young promises of Madrid?s electronic scene. Both active members of Rdt collective, and organized illegal parties all over since 2002. In 2004 started to develop sets together causing a fantastic reaction among people… Both evolutionated to a more simple, synthetic sound, more percussive and less melodic never forgeting the connection with the crowd. The most important background came from post punk, rock, jazz, rap and of course electronic labels such as studio 1, basic channel, profan, chain reaction, mosaic, schatrax, perlon, planet E… In late 2005, Esperanza grew up with the idea of showing the crowd their favourite music, offering a personal view of electronic music. Also in 2006, their first release came out on Igloo netlabel, with remixes of Dario Zenker, Jorge Savoretti and Dilo and has been played by some of the main suspects of the minimal scene all over the world, caused also for the great response from public that this argentinian netlabel has in the present. Later on, Kasper collaborated with Minus with a remix of the minimal anthem RUOK? from newyorker Ambivalent and after with a track in the VVAA of Items and things 02 (label owned by Troy Pierce, Magda and Marc Houle). This year has a lot of surprises coming up, releases in Esperanza, Lomidhigh, Mupa… Also Kasper has another project with Franco Cinelli called Las vegas that will release twice during 2008, one in Hello?Repeat and another in Mupa (Damian Schwartz label) plus another release in Som Underground (New york label owned by Brothers Vibe) with Jorge Savoretti. Kasper&Papol have played in some of the most important clubs and events in the world such as deep club (Madrid). Watergate (Berlin), Rex (Paris), Fuse (Brussels), Arena club (Berlin), Harry Klein (Munich), Registratur (Munich), Minimalismi (Naples), South American Conference (Buenos Aires), Q club (Zurich), Gazgolder Gallery (Moscow), festival Klubbers (Madrid) and many more.


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Jorge savoretti (esperanza/igloo/rosario, argentina)the close bond between jorge savoretti (also known as george s) and electronic music started in 1993 when he discovered music from underground rave events. from that moment, he became a relentless music collector, accumulating diverse material ranging in genres from house to synth-pop. in 1996, he made his first attempt behind the turntables as a bedroom dj. only 15 years old at this time, he began to explore the techno sounds in his hometown, rosario, argentina, and was influenced by argentine favorites franco cinelli and dee jason.after he started playing in nightclubs in 1999, jorge took part of countless events both underground and massive. his most accomplished residency was at “el sótano”, one of the historical and premier influential clubs of the argentine underground. he shared the privilege with nicolá’3fs purman, franco cinelli and lucas mari. they worked together for three seasons, and developed an exquisite combination of techno and house music, emphasizing on the minimal aspects of the genres and combining it with the spirited electronic sounds of chicago and detroit.jorges hard work, dedication, and love for music aides his consistent growth as a dj, and now hes gaining momentum as a producer as well. his successful debut release in 2005, frozenh, came out on the argentine net label igloo, and led him to his first vinyl ep on esperanza, with remixes by marc houle and ryan crosson (m-nus). jorge also has upcoming eps on several labels, and holds projects together with seph (as geoph serge), franco cinelli, matias oviedo and dario zenker.jorges shocking growth as a producer has helped lead him to performing live pas, adding quality and versatility to his shows. now performing dj sets and live pas internationally, jorge has secured his spot as an upcoming artist to watch in the future.


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Franco Cinelli was born in Rosario, Argentina in 1978. He’s one of the most well known techno DJ/Producer in Argentina. Being just 14 years old, he started his djing career. Interested in drums, he started to research about creation and development of music thru computers and samplers. In 1995, inspired by the sounds of Detroit, he made his very first tracks. As the years were going thru, Cinelli was gaining experience, and became a key player in the argentine scene. His DJ sets are an harmonic blend between different styles rounded by a flawless mixing technique. In Argentina, he played in almost every important club around. Being also one of the residents of El Sotano, one of the best clubs in Argentine scene. On that period, he shared the booth with Diego RO-K, Diego Cid, Nico Purman, Dee Jason, Club Rayo Djs, Leonel Castillo (Boeing), Dr. Trincado, Carla Tintore, amongst others and international jocks like Jeff Bennett, Bill Patrick, Tom Pooks, Mathew Jonson and Someone Else. In 2003, he made his first european tour, djing in important clubs and festivals in Spain. In 2005, after having some vinyls and cd albums out in some smalls labels, he developed the stunning ‘Picaro EP’ with Bruno Pronsato which was an underground smasher, reaching spot 7 in the charts of the prestigious german magazine ‘Groove’. For 2006, Franco is developing a new format in his live shows combining both Vinyl and a Live Set with his laptop, adding an unique dynamic to his sets. Also his becoming one of the most requested producers in the ‘minimal world’ having a lot of eps, remixes and tracks scheduled for this year, being the main highlight his album for Alphahouse Records. He continued the release row in 2007 with amazing releases on Esperanza, Adjunct and Hometown and remixing for several labels like Weave, Sunset, Produkt and Claque Musique definitely settling his name down on the underground scene.


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Just in time, the ‘Free State’ of Bavaria has produced a new son to relight its techno torch. Munich born and raised Dario Zenker is writing his own chapter in the long story of electronic music from Germany’s dirty south.It all started with listening to Michael Jackson as a kid, then Dario moved on to underground hip hop to rile the neighbors.Several visits from the not-so-friendly neighborhood police later, Dario’s father, a pro audio engineer, introduced the wunderkind to music programming and imparted the tools which later consumed him. At 15 Dario started to DJ, and not too long after he received his club education from the legendary Ultraschall.In 2005 at the ripe old age of 21, Dario landed his residency at Harry Klein which he still maintains today.2006 saw his debut vinyl release and in the space following Dario managed to sprinkle his magic chuga chuga dust on some of the world’s finest minimal techno labels.Whether DJ-ing or playing live, in just a few years Dario has built up a reputation for freaky experimental sets which never seem to stay in the same place for too long. Constantly innovating Dario has never been content walking a straight line with the crowd. To attempt to put it into words:bomb, duck, cover, swerve, bomb, swerve, bomb bomb.In 2008 ‘the’ youngin became ‘our’ youngin joining the hallowed ranks of the Vakant crew with Dario’s split personality ‘Sam Und Er/Womde!’ EP (VA019). Dario’s thick kink finds a natural home here on the Vakant deep freak out bus bumping and bouncing the club kids wherever they need to go. Liberalitas Bavarica!